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Charlotte Bobcats links for the Monday morning after Game 1

What are the rest of the internets saying about Game 1? Check it out.

Queen City Hoops - Bobcats vs Magic: Game 1 Recap
Tyson Chandler did not have much to indicate it in his boxscore line, but his presence on the court was huge for the Bobcats. While he finished with just 2 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals, and 1 block in his 14 minutes, the Bobcats were a different team with him on the floor, scoring at a rate of 111.5 points per 100 possessions, and surrendering them at just a 77.8 clip. Part of that was the personnel he was matched up against and part of that was the significant improvement he provided defensively over Nazr. The screen and roll defense with Tyson in the middle is just an all-together different animal, with the best example being a pick and roll at the top of the key where Jameer Nelson turned the corner and got to the rim, only to have his shot swatted off the backboard by a trailing Tyson.

Bobcats lose to Magic 98-89 in game 1, but OH YES…. This will be a series. | Bobcats Planet
The Orlando Magic are in for a brutal fight. It may not have looked that way at halftime when the Bobcats were down by 20 and their top score was laid out on the court writhing in pain with a hyper-extended knee.  But if you looked at the faces of the Orlando Magic players during the final 3 minutes of regulation you would have seen that THEY know that it is true. They are in for a long and painful series.

Observations: Jackson wanted back in game -
Brown said Jackson would have a magnetic resonance imaging of the knee today. Jackson said he's playing in Game 2 Wednesday. "Definitely!" he said.

The Bobcats, within inches - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
Some very smart people are picking the Orlando Magic to win this year's NBA title. Stan Van Gundy's team has a great offense and a better defense, and they don't just beat up on weaklings -- they also happen to match up well with all of the NBA's top teams. Yet, in the first game of their campaign to return to the Finals, the Magic could have easily lost to the 44-win Charlotte Bobcats, who wouldn't have even made the playoffs in the Western Conference.

NBA Playoffs: Howard, Magic hold off Charlotte's comeback attempt - ProBasketballTalk - Basketball - NBC Sports
What the Bobcats do have is as good a defense as exists in the league. Unfortunately for them, the Magic are so unorthodox offensively that they defend themselves as much as their opponent does. That can get the Magic into trouble at times, but against a team as offensively challenged as the Bobcats, it shouldn't kill them.

Playoff Talking Points: It All Starts Here -- NBA FanHouse
Somehow, the world has acquainted itself with Durant despite the fact that he's never on television. Wallace made the All-Star team this year when many casual fans couldn't tell you the first thing about him. Hopefully, they understand why now.