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Charlotte Bobcats at Orlando Magic Preview -- NBA Playoffs Round 1, Game 2

(Note: My bad on the title saying 8pm start time. I misread a schedule. Monday's Game 4 is scheduled for an 8pm start.)

Pump Up Music: Rancid -- "Time Bomb"

The Big Picture: It's Game 2. You know, the one after Game 1, and the Cats are down 1-0. I understand you may have harbored some brief hope the Bobcats would shock the world and sweep the Magic, but it's not happening. Orlando is too well-coached, too talented -- just too good all around -- to let that happen. As noted in a comment on an earlier post, if the Cats are to win, they're going to do it in brass knuckles street fight fashion. Victory will be all the sweeter for the price paid to earn it.

Key to Victory: We've talked and talked and talked about what our guys must do to win, but now, in a best of seven series that guarantees at least four straight games against each other, advantages are in the adjustments. Let's see if the Bobcats change strategy to keep Jameer Nelson out of the interior, and if they continue going straight at Dwight Howard like they say they will.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: Howard was a point guard until his sophomore year of high school.