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Photo project for Game 3

As briefly mentioned in a previous post, I'd like your help for a Game 3 photo project. It's the Bobcats' first-ever home playoff game, and many of us will be there. So, here's what I'd like from you:

Take a photo of the view from your seat, right at tip.

That's it. Ideally, it'll be a first-person perspective, so you're not in it, but we see your angle of the arena. Use any kind of camera you've got: phone, disposable Walgreen's brand, Canon EOS 50D Digital... whatever you've got, as long as it's right at the opening tip. The idea is to capture the same moment from as many different perspectives as possible.

Email a link or the photo itself (please resize to 900px wide or smaller) with the subject line "View from my seat" to and I'll create either a Flickr slideshow or collage.