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The next Charlotte Bobcats coach

Crazy season, huh? We've all had a chance to decompress a bit, and perhaps start getting over everything that's happened and think about what's next. To that end, we'll have a series of offseason issues posts where we can discuss what we want.

Obviously, and the NBA calendar requires it, the Bobcats' coaching situation will get top priority from management. Larry Brown and the 76ers can say all they want about "bull", but smoke, fire, yada yada yada, not to mention that this has happened with every other job LB's had. I can't emphasize that enough. This has happened with every other job LB's had. Remember when he coached the Pistons to the Finals for a second straight year, but told anyone who would listen that he was going to become president of the Cavaliers, and was telling everyone this during the Eastern Conference Finals?

All that's to say that it's hardly shocking that Brown wants to leave, and if he goes now, I'm fine with it, as long as his contract is torn up and we don't have to pay him anymore. Don't believe the line that the guys on this team are "Larry Brown guys" that no one else would be able to coach. First, Brown is a type, and his type is out there, from Scott Skiles to Mike Brown to assistants none of us would recognize.

Second, it's entirely possible -- I happen to think so -- that Brown's style of offense is not conducive to the modern NBA and doesn't maximize the skills of available players. The players on our roster have, for the most part, bought in to Brown's defensive philosophy and -- except for D.J. Augustin and Nazr Mohammed -- all are fine components of that machine, but offensively, we don't see a system tailored to our guys' strengths. If this were college, we'd be a perfect candidate for 40 Minutes of Hell, pressing and fast breaking our opponents to oblivion, but I'm not sure how that could be applied at this level.

If the Bobcats do end up needing a new coach, the best name-brand option among the available guys might be Avery Johnson. It would be a different challenge for him than the Mavericks presented. That team was great offensively, and he brought a defensive emphasis that improved them, whereas this team is already great on defense and badly needs offensive retooling.

Tom Thibodeau has defensive bona fides, having designed the Boston Celtics' defense, but we don't even know what kind of offense he would install.

An outside-the-box candidate (that rocks) might be Keith Smart, a Golden State Warriors assistant who runs their defense because Don Nelson can't be bothered with such things. Absent more information, he seems like an interesting possibility since he's a "defense guy", yet his most recent job was with the Ws and their turbocharged offense.

And then there are all the retread options. With Michael Jordan in charge, there's always the possibility Doug Collins gets a call (shudder). Mike Dunleavy is unemployed. Ugh. Lee.