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Back end of the bench guys

I'm a huge fan of signing minimum, or super cheap, guys to fill out the back of the roster. Essentially, if your 13th guy is getting serious burn, it doesn't matter how much you spent on him. The team likely stinks, even if he's the best 13th man in the league, so you may as well take an upside flier on those back-end guys.

There are D-League heroes floating around out there, and a few guys who entered the draft despite little chance of being picked, that I'd like to see the Bobcats give a chance, even if only for a summer league look. I strongly suggest following Ridiculous Upside for a more complete look at the draft season, but for now, let's think about who might help the Cats for almost nothing.

After the jump, a few of my favorites.

Rob Kurz -- Dude can shoot. Even in his brief NBA stint with the Warriors, he shot over 39% from beyond the arc, so it's not like his 43% three point shooting in the D-League this past year was a fluke. Even better, he can fake it at PF with his 6-9 frame. Obviously, it's an open question if he can defend adequately enough, or if he can rebound well enough to play regularly as a "big" man, but the poor man's Andrea Bargnani isn't necessarily a bad thing to be.

Chad Toppert -- Anyone who's 6-6 and shoots 48% from three (111-231) gets my notice.

Diamon Simpson -- I've been a big fan of Simpson's since I worked the sound board for St. Mary's College games. He's an undersized power forward, especially bulk-wise, but he's got a 7-foot wingspan and really pulls down boards.

Alexis Ajinca -- Hi-o! Freedom Fries did pretty well for himself, when he played. He fouled too much and turned it over a fair amount, but the guy was far from terrible. In the NBA, he'll have to understand that he's a power forward, not a small forward, but at a certain point, he is who he is. Flashes of an unblockable fadeaway add to the intrigue.

D.J. Strawberry -- Darryl's son took care of the ball, with one of the highest A/TO ratios in the D-League last year. Really, isn't he already at Gerald Henderson's floor? It might not be terrible to have two of those guys around.

Sylven Landesburg -- He's leaving school early, probably because of trouble with his program, which is a big red flag, but his talent is there, and Charlotte's the kind of team that can gain a lot from a proven ACC scorer who likely won't be drafted because of those nebulous "character concerns". Don't get me wrong, those concerns are real, as it appears he just didn't do his schoolwork, but if it's a case of a guy seeing no use in college, that's something that I'd be willing to work with.