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Bogut's injury opens the door for the Bobcats to leapfrog the Bucks

The Andrew Bogut injury is terrible for a guy who'd taken a huge step forward with his game this year. The worst injury I've ever had was a blown-out eardrum from a line drive baseball that caught me flush on my right ear during baseball practice my senior year of high school. It knocked me down (it may have briefly knocked me out) and destroyed my eardrum. They drove me to the hospital and took x-rays to make sure I had no skull fractures, and a doctor declared batting off-limits for the rest of the season, though he said I could still pitch. Now, I'm left with 98% hearing in my right ear.

All that's to say I have no idea what Bogut's going through, and that's before acknowledging the emotional pain of having to sit out the rest of the season even though he's his team's best player.

I'd like to think we Bobcats fans can have sympathy for the man, and at the same time recognize what a huge opportunity this is for the Cats to make a run at the Bucks' spot in the playoff seeding. If the season ended today, Charlotte would be up against Orlando in the first round of the playoffs, which is probably their worst possible matchup, even though they'd be significant underdogs against any of their likely opponents.

They're 2 games behind the Bucks, who will now be starting the immortal Kurt Thomas at center, with the always-inspiring Dan Gadzuric and Primoz Brezec (Primoz!) the other options behind him. They're only 2.5 games behind the Heat, who have been much better of late, but could always stumble.

Most likely, I'm guessing the Bucks hold on to their spot in the seeding, but with Bogut going out, they've got to be worried about the last three games of the season, when they face the Celtics twice, sandwiching a game against the Hawks. Those two teams will likely still be jockeying for seeding, making it more likely than a few days ago that the Cats could leapfrog into the 6th seed.