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Larry Brown, dragging out the process?

Via Queen City Hoops, read this piece on FanHouse about Larry Brown dragging out his decision on whether or not to coach in Charlotte next season.

When Charlotte coach Larry Brown addressed the local media after the Bobcats' first-round playoff exit April 30, he emphasized two main points relating to his uncertain future: he missed his family in Philadelphia dearly, and he didn't want his decision on whether or not to return to "drag on" too long.

Nearly two weeks later, it's clear that one priority is outweighing the other.

The thing no one else seems to want to say is that if Brown drags this out long enough, he could screw up the Cats' search for a replacement.

Let's say they're looking for a replacement already. They can't do it to the extent that they'd probably like, because they still have their coach in place and they're not going to fire him, or more to the point, they're not likely to irritate him by openly searching for his replacement while he's still there.

I just want resolution, whatever that resolution is, so we can either go into next season knowing Brown will be there, or he should be cut loose now, so the coaching search can begin and be resolved with enough time that the new person can help evaluate new players around the draft and into summer.

The worst case scenario is a dragged out process that results in Brown leaving the team after all the most desirable coaching candidates already have new teams. If we end up with Dwane Casey, I won't be a happy camper. In that case, I'll just keep telling myself that the players matter more than the coach.