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Another playoffs contest

Our friends at have another little contest for us. The last one asked you to name the first player  three players to reach 100 assists in the playoffs, and the winner will get his or her prize when someone three players actually reach 100 playoff assists.


A long time ago -- I think it was December -- Rufus on Fire commenters started having a little extra fun with single-game +/-, quoting it extensively, often tongue-in-cheek. As many of us know, +/- is a statistic that measures a team's point differential when a given player is in or out of the game. It's also popularly used to measure how a team performs with given lineups. Raw +/- has limited use, but adjusted +/-, adjusting for opponent, is a powerful tool, especially when applied at the lineup level, and encompassing many games.

Here's what you need to do for the contest.

Go check out the +/- stats for the playoffs so far at You'll notice that the top 5 individuals for both the Lakers and Suns include guys that come off the bench. Guess the top 5 for each team in Game 1 on Monday May 17th.

Answers must be submitted by May 17th at 12pm EST. One entry per person in the comments please.

Whoever is closest to the getting both correct will receive a free prize package courtesy of