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One sentence: Raymond Felton

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I love this back and forth among the SB Nation hoops bloggers that RaptorsHQ posted, showing our discussion about Andrea Bargnani. To paint with a broad brush, Bargs is Toronto's Raymond Felton, a divisive guy who has clear and obvious limitations and clear and obvious strengths, such that sharing an opinion of his game is a sort of Rorschach test. The Bobcats are not exactly in the same position as the Raptors were when they extended Bargnani, but we are at a fork in the road.

Let's do something a little different. We've all been over this before, so all I want is one (grammatically correct -- no run-ons) sentence from you describing Raymond Felton's abilities as a basketball player in the comments. In a day or two, we'll do something cool with it.