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Why might Luke Harangody go undrafted?

Since the Bobcats don't have any draft picks this year, I've been thinking of ways we can talk about the draft without lapsing into wishing we had picks. This will be the first of a short series of profiles on players that might go undrafted and that the Cats could target.


The primary difficulty with signing undrafted free agents is that 99% of the time, a team is better off signing a veteran free agent or another team's failed prospect to the minimum, or close to it, instead. Guys like Craig Smith, Ike Diogu, and yes, Darko Milicic, are probably higher on the wishlist than the undrafted chaff. We'll talk about those guys later (you still probably have no idea the extent of my Joe Alexander obsession).

Today, we start with a guy I'd be shocked if no one drafted, but still isn't showing up on the latest Ridiculous Upside mock, and is a late second round selection in the current DraftExpress mock: Luke Harangody.

The reason I'd be shocked if he goes undrafted is that the second round is where fliers happen, and Harangody is more than a flier. Yes, he's only 6-6, but if you give up on the idea that he'll be an All-Star and will repeat his 20+ points per game from college -- in fact, take away his scoring entirely -- what's left is an exceptional rebounder who rebounded less his final season in college because he was trying to expand his game and shoot three pointers. In college, he was a good defensive player, too, though, of course, his size leads to doubts he'll be able to do anything productive on that end of the floor, too.

In the end, it's not hard to imagine that Harangody will carry over his rebounding and be at least an average defensive player, which is extremely valuable off the bench. Additionally, his demonstrated work ethic and willingness to re-shape his game has to be attractive to coaches.

To sum up, passing on Harangody means every team in the NBA believes his top-level college scoring won't translate (not crazy) and that his top-level rebounding won't translate (harder to justify). If I can get Reggie Evans in his prime with a second round draft pick, I do it.

Your thoughts on Harangody? Any other players you want to see the Bobcats consider?