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What can the Bobcats do to make the in-arena experience better?

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing or hearing someone lament a lack of "customer service" when what that person really means is "give this product to me the way I want it even though you've explained to me (or it's self-evident) why that can't be done" or "give it to me for less money". That's not what I want to know from you. I don't want to hear about ticket prices, or food prices, or parking prices, or putting better players on the floor.

What I want to know is what reasonable steps you think the organization can do to improve the in-arena experience. For example, I've long thought it would be a great idea to set aside time during a game -- perhaps the second quarter -- for no pumped-in music and let high school or college bands play live music during breaks. Alternatively, hire a house band and delegate more tasks to Lady Cats to take the place of the Rally Cats.