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TrueHoop: Tyson Chandler to opt out?

According to this TrueHoop post (thanks, Chris!), Tyson Chandler may opt out of his contract before this season. The key passage:

Now that the injury is behind him, Chandler is looking to seize an opportunity. With so many teams under the luxury tax next season and only five or six top tier free agents out there, a number of teams are going to be left with lots of money to spend this summer. Not everyone can land LeBron or Dwyane Wade. The other thing working in Chandler's favor is that there aren't really any true centers in free agency this summer and a number of teams with cap space including the Thunder, Knicks, Timberwolves, Wizards and Heat need a center badly.

In other words, Tyson senses that though he may not get $12.6 million this upcoming season, he'll get reasonably close to it, provided he proves healthy, and there's enough of a market for centers that he could get multiple years. Say he gets 3/27mil, then he'll be better off than the 1/12.6mil plus 3/9mil players of his caliber are frightened they'll be left with after the next round of labor negotiations.

It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for the Bobcats to lose Chandler and his contract, since it would change their free agent outlook, but who else could the Cats add with just under $8 million of cap space that would make sense?