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Bobcats "free agent mini-camp" names released

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Rick Bonnell posted names of players who will be at the Bobcats' "free agent mini-camp". While I'm disappointed that Joe Alexander isn't on that list (again, I'm irrational on the Joey JoJo Shabadoo issue), there are a couple other upside guys that would be interesting options to join Ajinca at the end of the bench in the hope they're able to play hard in practice and surprise us during the season.

Specifically, Yaroslav Korolev is your typical jump-shooting European big who hasn't actually shot that well. To me, if you want to make a bet on that type of guy, you go with Rob Kurz, but there was a reason Korolev was a lottery pick, right?

Second, I'm a big Darius Miles proponent. If dude is limited to 15-20 minutes per game because of injury concerns, I'd love to have him come off the bench. He fits the Bobcats' recent style perfectly: long, versatile, and a reclamation project, of sorts. Of all the players at this "mini-camp", I'd most love to bring Miles on board.

UPDATE: Make sure to check out the Ridiculous Upside breakdown of each player.