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Lakers win 2010 NBA championship -- links

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Excited AmMo is excited.
Excited AmMo is excited.

Congratulations to Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown for winning their second NBA championship, and to the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers, who helped them get over that monumental hump.

-- SBN editors have you covered with celebration video and trophy presentation pictures.

-- CelticsBlog chose a recap photo that made my heart sing (not as much as if it had been Kevin Garnett, though). Then, poor Jeff woke up this morning, remembered that the Celtics lost, and had to go through some more heart-wrenching reflection. 2008 seems so long ago. Then again, Boston fans should be happy to have made it this far, since -- off the top of my head -- the 2010 Celtics would have been the worst regular-season team to win a championship since the Olajuwon-Drexler Rockets that limped into the playoffs as a six seed.

-- Silver Screen and Roll points out that the Celtics had a double-digit lead and were on the verge of running away with it in the third quarter, and credits Ron Artest(!) and the Lakers' dominant rebounding with keeping L.A. in the game to the end.

UPDATE: Plus, a must-read column on Artest by Andrew Sharp is now on SBN. Three stories about Ron-Ron shed light on what makes him tick. The point that holds it all together:

And see, anecdotes like the one above help paint Artest in this sort of maniacal light. The sociopath, again. Maybe he's not full-on crazy, but over the years, he's taken on this image of the slightly unhinged, NBA step-child. Nobody denies that he's part of the family, but just about everyone agrees he's working with a different set of DNA.