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Maggette traded to Bucks; more Warriors players on the move?

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I know what the Warriors are doing, but what are the Bucks thinking? Why don't they understand that Corey Maggette is a final piece, not a building block? Why don't they understand that an isolation scorer-only type won't mesh with Scott Skiles's style unless something major changes?

The most interesting bit for Bobcats fans in that Golden State of Mind post is that Andris Biedrins is the next most likely to be traded. Once Nazr Mohammed exercises his option, he can be traded, and the Cats can offer him with Gerald Henderson (provided Hendo is still in Larry Brown's doghouse). Talent-wise, I'd rather have the big Latvian than most of the chaff that'll be out there in free agency this summer, especially if Tyson Chandler opts out, like he's rumored to be leaning towards doing, but since Biedrins is signed through 2014 at Boris Diaw money, it's not necessarily the best idea to take on his contract.

Would you rather have someone like Biedrins, at $9 mil per year, and try to trade Diaw for something? I don't think we're ever going to convince the Bulls to part with Hinrich, but that's one we've long sought. Or would you rather trawl through veteran debris and hope Brad Miller or someone reasonably decent signs for a pittance?