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NBA draft best and worst dressed -- rookie portrait edition

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It's time to play everyone's favorite NBA draft game: Who's Best and Who's Worst Dressed?

Free Darko and Ball Don't Lie have kindly done most of the work in posting many of the prospects' pre-draft portraits. It's worth noting that these aren't necessarily the clothes they'll be wearing tonight, but oh, 'twould be lovely if they were.

Best bit of analysis from FD:

If the goal of this outfit was to make DeMarcus Cousins look like my father, a sixty-two year-old academic, it succeeds. The equation of dribbling with sensitive and intelligent is pretty clever, too. There's definitely a gay Mr. Potato head quality to this photo, but at the same time, you can tell that Cousins is enjoying himself. And yeah, there's some shock value there. That alone makes this a winning photo.

Best from BDL:

It's pretty cool that your 14-year-old cousin Gordon Hayward and his best friend Luke Babbitt are going to be in the NBA. I bet they'll throw a wicked Xbox party to celebrate.

Check the links and tell us who you think is best dressed. For me, Cole Aldrich is the only no-doubt in-the-conversation.