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Bargain free agents

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I posted a FanShot about Randy Foye earlier, but there was a stream of stories that I came across that deserve their own full post on the subject. Basically, there are a stream of cheap free agents that the Bobcats could sign with their exceptions that could help a lot.

Orlando starting small forward Matt Barnes says he could sign with another contender this summer --- not necessarily the Magic. -

I'm constantly amazed at how much Barnes is underestimated. Sure, his type is all over the league (see: Jamario Moon, Dominic McGuire, et al), but do any of them do it with his tattoo per minute rate? Or his scowl per minute?

KnickerBlogger.Net " Blog Archive " Free Agent Bargain Bin

A solid list of bargain bin free agents, starting with Craig Smith and ending with Ben Wallace.

Wizards Make Randy Foye an Unrestricted Free Agent -- NBA FanHouse

Here's the Randy Foye piece again. I'm unsure of his defensive reputation at this point, but it hardly seems crazy to think the Bobcats can get a PG who's Raymond Felton's equal for less money. Foye could be it, but it'd be crazy to jump for him too quickly.

Who else is on your free agency wish list?

Complete list of free agents here.

And after the jump, James's comment, which was deleted with the Foye FanPost.

Here is my short list:

- Patty Mills (restricted): Sign him to a cheap offer sheet and I doubt Portland will match. I’ll scream it from the rooftops till I’m hoarse he’s going to be very, very good when someone gives him a chance and Larry Brown could do amazing things with the little Aussie PG.

- Chris Duhon: Will likely command more than the Bobcats are willing to pay, but he’s a smart pass first PG who made something out of nothing in New York.

- Nathan Jawai (restricted): My love of the Aussies continues, and Jawai is an upgrade over some of our backup big men. He’s young, he’s under developed but he’s powerful and I believe LB could coach him up. Again, sign him to a cheap offer sheet and I doubt Minnesota will match.

- Steve Blake: A stopgap solution to be sure, but if he’s cheap then I don’t think there are much better stopgaps at PG.

- Brendan Haywood: Could be more expensive than we’re willing to pay, but he is a upgrade at the 5 spot.