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Bonnell says Diaw trade still not complete -- Calderon coming to Charlotte?

Rick Bonnell reports that the recently announced trade of Boris Diaw to the Toronto Raptors is not yet complete, because Tyson Chandler may be involved, and the Bobcats may also be receiving Jose Calderon.

If things go down that route, they'd better have another deal lined up for a big man, because we can't go into the season without a center, can we?

UPDATE: I'm seeing speculation that Bonnell's "unnamed player" is Reggie Evans.

UPDATE 2: Reaction is flooding in. I'm simultaneously frightened and enthralled that they've apparently made this massive leap by trading for Calderon, a very good offensive point guard (sketchy defense) by trading their defensive-minded center and not yet ensuring a fallback plan for the center position. Links after the jump.

SB Nation -- Thumbs up for the Cats, though I'm not sure they realize our top center is now Nazr Mohammed, pending further action.

Bobcats Baseline -- At first glance, Calderon is kind of an Anti-Felton. Poor defender, great court vision, and a steady shooter who doesn’t turn the ball over.

Raptors HQ -- The Score's Holly MacKenzie is also reporting that the expiring contract of Reggie Evans could be included in said deal as well... a healthy Tyson Chandler would be a huge boost for this club, both allowing Andrea Bargnani to play the 4, and giving the "help defensively-challenged" former first overall pick some much needed shot-blocking assistance.

Raptors Republic -- Colangelo’s once again showing some variety and sophistication in his early summer moves, but man, does it ever look like he’s using his PS3 to come up with this stuff.