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Calderon-Diaw-Chandler trade still on hold (update: Bonnell says it's close to dead)

I will be very disappointed if the Raptors-Bobcats trade ends up being just a big tease, especially if we have to take back Boris Diaw and Tyson Chandler after they were convinced they were leaving. Also, because I'd lose my excuse to get a Bobcats jersey with my favorite number, Jose Calderon's number 8.

But in the end, it's not a bad development at all that the trade is on hold. Amazingly given MJ's reputation as a personnel man, if Woj's report (linked above) is true, Michael Jordan is -- again! -- the voice of reason. Why should Tyson Chandler be a throw-in to get a point guard? Why should the Cats give up their best center? Their defensive rock in the middle? Forget Reggie Evans, and forget Chandler. Why can't we make Boris for Jose work?

Oh, and forget about Al Jefferson. He's off to Utah. Unless MJ thinks he can get the Bosh exception and swoop in with a better offer, that's probably not happening. Guess Deron Williams is happier today?

UPDATE: Bonnell says it's close to dead.