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Chandler-Ajinca to Dallas for Dampier-Najera-MATT CARROLL!!!

Woj drops the bombshell on Twitter.

I don't get it. This would leave the Bobcats with a shaky point guard situation and Boris Diaw as the number one center option. Really?

The only way this works for us is if we have a deal in place to flip Erick Dampier for other assets, because Dampier's deal can be bought out. And if we're stuck with Matt Carroll and Eduardo Najera for the next three and two years, respectively... Again, I just don't get it.

If they're just trying to save several million dollars by buying out Dampier instead of cutting salary by taking Jose Calderon and Reggie Evans, then that's kind of silly, because Calderon and Evans would bring real performance value to the team.

UPDATE: Dampier is likely to be waived, as it's an unguaranteed contract. Now, I'm a little confused as to how this affects our cap situation, because I'm not seeing where anyone's getting that $45 million number that's being thrown around...

1 -- The cap will be about $58 million.

2 -- Going into today, we had roughly $66 million committed to payroll (remember, Tyrus Thomas is getting paid $12.5 million this year, and Dominic McGuire is going to get roughly $1 million).

3 -- Take away Chandler's $12.6 million and Ajinca's $1.4 million, and add back Carroll and Najera's salaries, $7.3 million, and we're at roughly $59 million.

If your math is different, please enlighten me on how this helps the Bobcats pull off a subsequent trade and isn't simply a cost-saving measure after management balked at taking on Calderon and his trade-kicker-laden contract.

UPDATE 2: It's done. We went from getting a PG for Chandler-Diaw to trading Chandler for salary relief to keep us out of the luxury tax zone as we attempt to shore up the bench. Dig up your Matt Carroll jerseys, folks. He'll be sitting on our bench for the next two years.