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Trade speculation overflow page

This is what happens when you read the HoopsHype rumors page too closely.

-- Jeff Bower is out as Hornets GM. No wonder New Orleans wasn't getting any deals done.

-- I submit to you a trade scenario that I've pulled out of thin air, but that thrills me to the core: Gerald Wallace to Portland. Brandon Roy to Charlotte. Why else would the Blazers offer such a big contract to Wesley Matthews? Portland's long coveted Wallace, and they could be thinking there's a real problem with Roy's knee.

-- Of course, there's also the possibility that Michael Jordan doesn't actually care about the luxury tax, and trades Erick Dampier's contract and another first round pick that we couldn't possibly use no way no sir to Cleveland for Anderson Varejao and Mo Williams. (Another variation involving Philadelphia)

-- And have we all forgotten that Boris Diaw is destined to end up in New York with Mike D'Antoni? Have we?

-- Brett from Queen City Hoops gathered some reactions to today's crazy action. My comment starts: "After back-of-the-envelope calculations, it looks like this is a salary dump meant to keep the Bobcats away from the luxury tax." Click through to read the rest.

-- Use this as the overnight trade speculation overflow page.