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Good morning: what's next for the Bobcats?

Good morning, guys. Just got back from vacation. My cousin, who happens to have the exact same name as me and the exact same photo on his SBN profile, has been tending the site the past three days. Has anything happened with the Bobcats? Let's check the site...

(Falls out of chair)

I don't see or hear anything new, but the consensus here is different from that of my offline buddies. Here, folks are excited by what could come next, and MJ's proclamation that the FO isn't through lends credence to the rumors flying around. My buddies are more interested in the narrative that the team is saving real money -- paying $66 million or paying $60 million has no effect on the salary cap, but it's still real money, and waiving Dampier flows that money back toward the bottom line. So, until a blockbuster happens, let me start with a couple points.

1 -- That overflow thread with random made-up trades I posted last night? Those trades count as blockbusters these days. It would be major roster upheaval for the Cats, and upheaval for whichever team worked with them.

2 -- I'm thinking more and more that my comment in the QCH post about the Cats spreading talent rather than investing in one guy is what's happening. Why spend $12.6 million on Tyson Chandler when that money can be split up among, potentially, four contributors? Isn't that Larry Brown's MO?