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Charlotte is quivering in antici... pation

We've all been very excited today, and our collective blood pressure is probably through the roof. I know mine is. Speculation of this player or that player coming to Charlotte is always fun, but right now, in this moment, it's an excruciating kind of fun because all our communication is so fast. In fact, it's so fast that maybe we should all slow down a moment.

Ourdaywillcome and James the Aussie have done us a great favor by passing on that they'd heard delicious information that, if it came to fruition, would make us all extremely happy. We got lots of mileage out of this speculation. That said, if something amazing happens, you'll hear about it, eventually. And if nothing happens, then you'll hear about the next thing, eventually. Don't make yourself sick or put your job in peril over this. Get out in the sun. It's a lovely day in Charlotte.

I'm going to play in a rec soccer game this evening, so if something happens, I won't post about it until later. Feel free to FanShot and FanPost away.

After the jump, a note for the RealGM people, because my registration still hasn't gone through and I can't post in their forum or contact anyone yet.

RealGM posters in this thread, I don't like calling people out, and I enjoy browsing the rumormongering there as much as the next guy, but let me clarify a couple things for you:

1 -- I, David A. Arnott, have not posted a single unsourced/unlinked/non-joke trade rumor. It's not really my thing. I'm more of a fan-columnist who takes in everything that everyone else does, throws his two cents out there, and facilitates discussion on the site. Ourdaywillcome and James the Aussie are commenters who have spearheaded discussion on the site about potential roster moves they say sources have leaked to them in confidence, so they won't tell us specifics. They are not writers for the site, but they are longtime readers and commenters who have built up relationships with people who frequent this site, so the idea gained traction in this community.

2 -- I'm very happy to host discussion about the Bobcats, because this is a Bobcats fan site. You're obviously on board with that, because you're on the RealGM forums posting your own rumors and thoughts about the Bobcats, which means you should be pretty internet-literate.

And that's why I'm perplexed and disappointed that moderators of that forum don't understand the difference between something I post and something that's in the comments, and have posted disparaging comments of their own about the site as a whole. You're better than that. If you don't like this site, so be it, but at least know what you're talking about. Browse the archive if you want to get an idea of the ethos.

3 -- You're more than welcome to come here, sign up for a username, and join the conversation. The folks here are as passionate a group as you'll find, and very jolly. Yes, I wrote JOLLY.