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How to use Rufus on Fire

Good morning, my pretties. Shaun Livingston is angry that we didn't talk about him much on Rosterbation Wednesday, so that's how we're going to start today. First of all though, I think it's time for a long overdue post: How to Use This Site.

It's really simple.

1 -- Create an SBN username, or simply log in with your Yahoo! ID. You can also connect your username to your Facebook ID in order to log in with only your Facebook information. If you create a username here, you're also able to post on any other SB Nation blog, including Cat Scratch Reader (Panthers), or any of a number of college blogs. See the left sidebar for a group of the Carolina sites on SBN.

2 -- Comment on main page posts. Once logged in, there's a comment form at the bottom of every page. Even better, you don't have to keep refreshing because everyone's comments populate without a browser refresh. During the season, we have Open Game Threads so you can comment on games as they happen, which is when the auto-populate is especially awesome.

3 -- Create FanShots or FanPosts. See the right sidebar? That's where you, the RoF community member, can post your own content. FanShots are links, images, and other really quick bits of information. FanPosts are, essentially, the exact same blog composition platform that I use to post main page stuff, and you can use it to post longer thoughts. If a FanShot or FanPost is particularly cool or interesting, it may be promoted it to the front page, with your byline and everything.

4 -- See that "actions" link under every comment? Click it to access the "Rec" function. When you see a comment you like, REC IT. It's much better than throwing up a "+1" comment, because after a certain threshold, the comment comes up green. You can also Rec a FanPost or FanShot. Garner enough Recs, and it goes to the top of the the FanPost or FanShot pile.

5 -- Join the Facebook group and follow my Twitter. The Facebook group includes a bunch of readers, both those who comment often and many who don't. Joining also means main page content will show up in your News feed. If you follow my Twitter (@David_Arnott), I post links to RoF content, but I also have random other discussions with all sorts of people about all sorts of topics. Once, I tried to get the lead singer from Fall Out Boy to give me a recipe for brownies*.

(*May not have actually happened.)

6 -- Feel free to email me any time. Send tips, complaints, brownie recipes, bon mots, kudos, rosterbation missives, lucrative job offers, and treasure maps to

Now, about Shaun Livingston...