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Basketball Player = Movie

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We're entering the slow part of the year for basketball, so today I've got a simple game to play:


It's simple. Choose a basketball player, assign him a movie that encapsulates who he is, and explain your choice. IMDB links would be helpful, too. I'll start.

Matt BarnesHackers

There was zero chance that movie would ever win an award, there were no bona fide stars (at the time), but it has a few things going for it. First, there are tattoos everywhere, and it has a definite visual style. Second, though the plot had been seen before (group of misfit kids who get off on pranking The Man and generally getting in trouble band together for a higher, noble, cause), there was an edge to Angelina Jolie's performance that outweighed the contrived aspects of the movie; the edge ultimately didn't make it better than the great movies of its time, but it did make it different from what came before, kind of like how Barnes is the new Raja Bell.