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LeBron James LeBron James LeBron James -- Open LeBronapocalypse Thread

For those of you who will be tuning in to see LeBron James's Ego in full effect tonight (UPDATE: And if you are, how can you resist watching this live feed of a Cleveland viewing party?), here are your resources to keep an eye on:

SB Nation sites

Fear the Sword -- Full-fledged meltdown is not out of the question.

SBN Cleveland -- Where, sadly, turning to the other teams in the area doesn't do much good.

Blog-a-Bull -- Still maintaining hope that LeBron sees the light and joins the best team available.

SBN Chicago -- You think they're riding high from the Blackhawks? Midwesterners will never get cockier than if LeBron chooses the Bulls.

Posting and Toasting -- Knicks fans see the dream slipping away and suddenly find themselves rooting for a turnaround sparked by a guy who Bill Simmons astutely points out has "a bad knee and a bad eye [and] who hasn't played defense in six years." Ruh-roh.

SBN New York -- Having lived in Manhattan, if LeBron decides to go elsewhere, I can assure you a good chunk of New Yorkers will convince themselves they're too good for him and that he was afraid of all the "pressure" they'd put on him.

Peninsula Is Mightier -- Just don't remind them that the NBA plays with five men on the court, not three.

Non-SBN sites of note

Cleveland Frowns -- My college buddy, Pete, has made an art form of calling out mainstream media's irrational responses to the LeBron circus.

NY Mag, The Sports Section -- Will Leitch. Need I say more?

Ball Don't Lie -- Trey Kerby is The Man, and Kelly Dwyer is also The Man, in another, equally awesome, way. And Dwyer's a Bulls fan, to boot.