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Felton close to signing with Knicks

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Goodbye, Raymond Felton. Though you were solid for only one year, it was a hell of a year. Good luck in New York.

Now, the Bobcats are facing a season with D.J. Augustin as the only "experienced" point guard on the roster. Barring an Earl Watson-type signing, it seems that trading Boris Diaw would be the most reasonable next step. Ideally, we'd trade DeSagana Diop for a point, but that's never happening, Nazr Mohammed has hardly any value, and it's probably too much of a risk to trade Tyson Chandler, so none of the centers are likely moving, though if this trade scenario works under the CBA, I'd do it in a heartbeat, and I wonder if the New Orleans Hornets' management strongly considers it.

Rosterbation time! If you were the Bobcats' GM, now that you know Felton's gone, what would you try to do to shore up the PG position?