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ESPN: Bobcats projected to finish 7th in East

On ESPN, two guys I don't remember seeing elsewhere, Royce Webb and Matt Wong, have projected the Bobcats to finish in 7th place in the Eastern Conference. (Both are, apparently, NBA editors at the Four Letter Dot Com.)

When I crank up the preseason polls in mid-to-late September, we'll see what the rest of the world thinks, but I'm inclined to think this is going to be the Cats' default projection, if not via reasoned conjecture, then by process of elimination.

So, before you gnash your teeth wondering what the hell New Orleans is doing trading Darren Collison and James Posey for a younger James Posey, take a moment to tell us if you think the Cats can really take a step backward -- which I don't think is a controversial statement at this point, given the production they got from the motley crew of centers and from Raymond Felton -- and still make the playoffs.