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Aldridge: Bobcats were in the mix to trade for Calderon today's David Aldridge reports that the Bobcats were in the heat of negotiations that would have involved them in today's four-way trade between the Nets, Raptors, Pacers, and Rockets, but things fell apart and they were left out.

A league source says the Charlotte Bobcats wanted to get involved as well, using the non-guaranteed contract of center Erick Dampier to try and get a point guard. Under one scenario, Dampier would have gone to Indiana, the team that originally drafted him in 1996, with T.J. Ford going to Toronto and the Raptors sending guard Jose Calderon to Charlotte. (The Raptors had agreed to send Calderon to the Bobcats earlier this summer in a deal that would have sent center Tyson Chandler to Toronto, but the deal was scotched at the last minute by Charlotte owner Michael Jordan.)

But in the end the four existing teams decided to move ahead with the trade. They all had their reasons...

Well, crap. We need a palate cleanser. Check out this appreciation of Shaun Livingston by Holly MacKenzie. (H/T: @jeskeets)