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Links: Kwame Brown, MJ's swag, MJ's sons

We've got links for a Tuesday morning. First, a couple of Kwame Brown commentaries:

Bonnell: Don't confuse this signing with a do-over
The day Michael Jordan was formally introduced as majority owner he predicted they'd have to make a trade that wouldn't be good basketball-wise, but would have to be done, payroll-management wise. This was that deal.

Kwame Brown signs deal with Michael Jordan's Bobcats - ProBasketballTalk - Basketball - NBC Sports
Kwame was never ready to be taken that high, to have that kind of expectations placed upon him. Some guys were ready out of high school, guys like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett and LeBron James came in as much (or more) swagger than game. They loved the game, believed in themselves and wanted the challenge. Kwame Brwon simply was not mentally built like that. He was not ready for the setbacks...

After the jump, a couple Michael Jordan-related stories you might not have seen.

FanHouse's 2010 NBA General Manager Swagger Index -- NBA FanHouse
Michael Jordan is the epitome of NBA swagger, or at least the socially acceptable kind that prefigured Allen Iverson's all-out assault. He seems intent on doing nothing as an executive that carries on that legacy. He might as well be that guy who got fired from the Bucks. Therefore, we're denied the ultimate yardstick of swagger, as well as a definitive statement of how swagger might translate into the front office, because MJ is so incapable (or unwilling) to let this part of him stand up and be counted.

Michael Jordan's sons spend big in Las Vegas -
I don't know a ton about a college athlete's stipend, but I'm guessing it's not in the $56,000 range, nor would they have the money to front for the basketball camp. Again, that's where lines are blurred. Obviously Michael Jordan is allowed to spend money on his children. But is he really since they are college athletes and he's an NBA owner? And of course the elephant in the room, the friend Rompza. Surely Jordan can't front that kind of money for him, can he?