Where do you think Melo will go?

Ok so I have been looking around on other sites to see what they would give up to get Melo, I saw a post like this a while back (when CP3 fiasco was going about) and I thought I would make one for Melo. Ive Included almost all of the teams that has ever been talked about to be in the racing for Melo. I would like for you guys to post who you think Melo will go to and your trade scenario's. Also i think Cash Considerations would be involved in almost all of these trades. Please let me know if I left any teams out, I will go back and edit to include them. Thanks!

BTW: I know there are alot of posts already about Melo on here, just figured I'd change it up and instead of seeing what we would give for him see what other teams would give.

Nets: Looks like alot of Nets fans would NOT want to give up Twill or Favors. So from what i understand from some comments that it would be Murphy, James, Humphrey, and 2 or 3 first round picks, for Melo. There are also a post or two about a deal to get CP3 and Melo. Read More Here On Nets Fan Page.

Kings: They have one post about Melo and the trade proposed on that thread is Landry, Casspi, 1st and 2nd round for Melo. Some also say Donte, JT 1st and 2nd. Would be a possibility. The Nets Tade Post

Rockets: There was one post on August 24th I found over on the dream shake, some comments also revolved around a CP3 and Melo Package, Some fans say they would not give up Brooks, Lowery or Lee. So that would leave with a deal including Martin, Jefferies, Taylor, and Hill. Some/A draft picks also. For Melo. Read More Here On The Dream Shake

Timber Wolves: They have two first round draft picks next year, many of the comments and post's say they would only give up one and a package of Flynn, Beasley, Brewer, for Melo. Also Other packages Including both First round picks and players like Webster, Johnson, Love, and Ricky. Read More Here

Knicks: There is a lot of Posts about this including many different Players, they talked about a deal that NY has supposedly offer to Denver this trade was Danilo, Curry, 1st Rounder, for Melo. Most fans think that they will have to give up either Gallo or AR also, although most say they will not give them both up. Posting And Toasting Fan Page

Clippers: The trade that most of the fans their like is Kaman, Aminu, 1st Rd pick for Melo, there are discussions about a three team deal. It seems though that the only players the fans will not give up is Griffin.Read More About The Clips Trade

Warriors: Monta, Vlad, Udoh, Wright, Curry, and Ellise has all been talked about (not all in one package deal). Seems like the players they would hate to trade would be Curry and Lee. Golden State Of Mind

Wizards: J wall seems like the only protected player on the fan site, but the main deal talked about is Blache, Howard, Thorton, and draft picks, although some realize that that is not within the 125% rule (Melo is worth 17.1 Mil, all three of thoes are worth 9 mil) so the trade would not work, you would have to include Hinrich for this trade to work. Read More

Magic: There is many posts about getting Melo, most of them include getting other players. One three team deal that was brought up included the Pacers. It would send Melo, Thomson, Dunlevy to The Magic and overall they would loose Carter, Peiturs, Bass Gortat, and draft picks. The other deal would land Orlando Billups and Melo in exchange for Nelson, VC, Peturs, draft picks (and maybe JJ).Pinstripe Page.

Denver: Ive been reading around their trying to see what the fans think is going to happen to their hometown hero, Many of them are saying it is "verry possible" and "a good thing" , (other than him leaving in F.A). Their are so many trades on their page i cant list them all, but some do include Birdman, Billups, JR, most are three and some even four team trades. Their is a Poll on the page that is headline " Do you think Melo Will Be In Denver Next year?" The it is 57% yes and 42% no (Although there isn't that many votes[28]. I will let you read into some of the trade options if you would like, Click Here.

Bobcats: Save the best for last? Well this is the one ive been reading the most, Ha. So ill know more of who most of us would want to give up. It seems as if more of the trades involve a three team deal to get Brooks or Billups. If the Bobcats are involved in a three team deal we feel that all we need to give up is Damp. If we want Melo it seems we will need to Give up Damp, and a Combo of DJ ,Brown, Hendo, 2 draft picks OR Crash and DJ.

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***UPDATE: Here is a great post I have found about Melos "Hacked" Twitter page (and now his new lawsuit), Read here.