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Off topic off season thread: Recipes

It's the slow part of the NBA off season, which means we don't have much to talk about when it comes to the Bobcats. However, there are a million other ties that bind our group together. Today: Recipes.

The Official Fiancee of Rufus on Fire makes a Mexican casserole that costs about 5 bucks to put together, and is about 400 calories per heaping serving. Essentially, she mixes together whole wheat egg noodles, beans, corn, salsa, cheese, and ground turkey, then packs it into a casserole and bakes it. Hot, it's a perfect supper dish. Cold, straight from the fridge, it's a perfect breakfast.

While she's excellent with casseroles, I'm more of a dessert dude. My biggest hit is probably my chocolate mint chocolate chip cookies.

The recipe is simple. Find any chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipe online. This one is the first Google hit, and it's a solid base. My twist is to eschew semisweet chocolate chips and substitute Andes mint chocolates. You'll have to break them up into halves, or maybe even chop them up with a whirl in a blender, but either way, the chocolate melts into the cookies differently, and the minty goodness inside creates a faint swirl and a sharp mint bite.

It adds about five minutes of extra work to the basic cookie recipe, but once you've eaten them, you will agree that it was well worth the time.

Do you have a recipe "secret" to share?