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Bobcats to sign Sherron Collins as 3rd PG

The Bobcats are going to sign Sherron Collins to be their third point guard, according to an AP report. Knowing Larry Brown, he'll almost certainly give Collins some burn, despite his lack of size, and will almost certainly infuriate me by playing Collins and D.J. Augustin in the same back court, even after the evidence builds that neither can defend large point guards, let alone other guards who can abuse them in the post and shoot over them from the perimeter. I'm holding out little hope his defense will be any better than Augustin's.

The best case scenario? Collins turns out to be D.J.-esque with his scoring ability, but also brings creation skill, effectively pushing Augustin to the margins and forming a better offense-defense combination with Shaun Livingston. Most likely, Collins will play, but won't play in every game, and won't get more than 6 or 7 minutes when he does see the floor.