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Miami Herald beat writer: Dampier wants to go to Heat

I'm pretty sure we'd all be disappointed to end up with "only" Mario Chalmers in exchange for Erick Dampier's contract. However, according to the Miami Herald's beat writer (via @BQRMagic), Dampier has, apparently, indicated he wants to go to the Miami Heat, and the Bobcats are, apparently, aware that he'll go there if they end up just releasing him, so there might be some incentive for everyone to work something out.

I still think the Cats are most likely to end up simply taking the savings from waiving Damp and ensuring they stay below the luxury tax threshold.

Question which I know has an answer, but that I think I've missed along the way and can't find: When does Dampier's contract actually vest for this season? We know his team can buy him out for virtually nothing, but when does his $13 million contract actually become a $13 million contract?