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Community projection: Nazr Mohammed

Little was expected of Nazr Mohammed last season, especially after a disastrous 2008-09, when he played only 341 minutes and looked as washed up as can be. For a point of reference, Sean May played 301 minutes that season and DeSagana Diop played a whopping 584. Not good times.

But in 2009-10, improbably, Mohammed had a career year. He only played in 58 games, and totaled only 984 minutes, but when he did play, he put up a career high FG%, career low turnover percentage, came close to equalling his career best rebound percentages, and had his career-best PER, at 19.6.

Last season's performance matters a lot when trying to guess what he'll do this year, but so does the previous season, and the season before that, and so on. Will Mohammed improve his defense from Atrocious to Acceptable? Will he stay healthy enough to provide some kind of offensive threat in a platoon with Kwame Brown? Will he step up his Twitter game and actually post something of interest instead of re-tweeting "inspirational" treacle from other people? I really want to know.

48 games

950 minutes

14.0 points/40

10.0 rebounds/40

No defensive improvement, leading Larry Brown to play Kwame way more than he deserves.