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The latest on the Carmelo trade -- I can haz Devin Harris?

Here's the latest on where we stand with the Boris Diaw for Devin Harris trade:

-- The NY Daily News reported last night that Carmelo Anthony had approved the trade that would send him to the New Jersey Nets and give the Bobcats possibly the biggest steal of the trade.

-- But Marc Spears tweeted something different: "Melo has 48 hours to decide whether to agree to sign [an] extension in a trade with [Nets]...

Trading Diaw for a PG of Harris's caliber would be nothing short of a coup, and if we have to trade D.J. Augustin to grease the skids, we absolutely we do it because with Harris he'd only represent super depth at PG, and I'm sure management would prefer to use that roster spot throwing crap at the wall, hoping to fill the center spot.

While you Wait For It (tm), use this thread. Alternate conversation starter: What song should the Bobcats use as their entrance music this year?