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Two more Carmelo trade tidbits

Ken Berger gives us the two weirdest developments in this whole Carmelo Anthony trade drama:

1 -- The Bobcats "continued to balk at sending D.J. Augustin to the Nets."

What? Don't they realize that with Devin Harris on board and Shaun Livingston as the backup, playing time for Augustin would be limited, at best? If true, that would be asinine. My far-fetched conspiracy theory, giving the Charlotte front office all benefit of the doubt, is that this is a kind of smokescreen that's been tossed out there as a way to spread blame equally among all parties if the trade falls through. Less charitably, they may think they can pull off this trade without including Augustin and then flip him for something -- anything -- in a separate deal and come out even farther ahead.

2 -- Apparently, the Cavaliers have inquired about inserting themselves into the deal and are willing to offer up Anderson Varejao. They've also got a $14 million trade exception from LeBron James. Berger says that's intriguing for Denver because they especially like Varejao, Andre Iguodala, or Gerald Wallace as Melo replacements.