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The Bobcats fan base's character

Here's hoping your holiday weekend went at least as well as mine did. The Official Fiancee of Rufus on Fire and I spent several days in New York City, touring the metropolis and hanging out with friends. Any time one can eat Cajun Mac N Cheese (andouille sausage, jack and cheddar, peppers, onions, garlic, cajun seasoning, at S'Mac), hit every major NYC landmark, and participate in a fantasy football auction draft with a bunch of college buddies (my team is sixth from the left, the one with Philip Rivers), that's a good weekend.

One of the things that came up was discussion about the character of different fan groups, and that got me thinking about trying to define the Bobcats fan ethos. For the most part, I see us as a slightly defensive, ultimately welcoming, relatively laid-back, group. Our primary hangup seems to be that no one believes we exist -- even people in North Carolina -- so there's consistent positive recognition when new folks identifying as Cats fans come by, mixed with an undercurrent of disappointment that, when it comes to hoops, we're outnumbered by UNC fans (yahoos who never went there, frontrunning elitists who don't really care about basketball) and NC State fans (all yahoos).

But that's also a function of being such a new franchise. Where do you see the fan base going in the medium to long term future? Obviously, the Cats won't steal thunder from UNC or the Panthers while they're still playing, but will they reach that point in our lifetimes?