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Charlotte Bobcats at Boston Celtics preview -- Game 37

The Big Picture: The Gerald Wallace trade rumor is troubling, not because it's necessarily the wrong thing to do (I think it is), but because of its jarring dissonance. If we're trading Gerald, why would we seek out a trade exception, and not a young player, or a pick? Is there a second part we haven't heard about? Why would we even consider trading one of our picks with him for an exception? If we're trading him, doesn't that mean we're deciding on a youth movement? So why even talk to the Cavaliers about him if they're also supposedly looking for youth and would take him on only as a condition of getting a pick?


What we need is more basketball games. Hey, the Celtics will do! They've got some big man problems of their own, missing Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O'Neal, and probably Semih Erdren. On top of that, the Bobcats did an excellent job containing Derrick Rose, who produces in a different way from Rajon Rondo, but is a similar kind of athlete and also creates via penetration in the lane. Carry it over, gentlemen.

Musical Interlude: Norah Jones -- "Chasing Pirates"

Key to Victory: Play Rondo tight. Seriously. This is quickly becoming one of those things that bothers me way more than it should, but whenever I see some guard playing five feet off Rondo, it kills me. Zach Harper does a good job explaining why only the lengthiest defenders -- like Shaun Livingston, or Jared Jeffries -- should play off Rondo like that.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: Rondo once played in a Jewish softball league game.