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Cats lose to Sixers in OT, 96-92 -- Boris Diaw puts up a triple-double

Brick. Fest. Apparently, Boris Diaw and Louis Williams were the only two guys in today's matinee in Philadelphia who understood that the object of the game is to put the ball through the hoop. Unfortunately for the Bobcats, the 76ers were able to hold on for the 96-92 overtime win, and it must have been a pleasure to watch, with the Cats shooting 36% from the field and the Sixers shooting 39%.

Williams scored 23 points on 15 attempts off the bench, and Diaw racked up a triple-double, with 25 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. This is the kind of game coaches dream about from a guy like Diaw, who has a wing's handle and shooting range, a point guard's court vision and passing courage, and a big's size. In addition to his basic slash stats, Diaw had 2 blocks and 1 steal to only 1 turnover. Props to Monsieur Nonchalant on his epic game, and a pity it came in a loss.

Among the other players, Stephen Jackson's 7-24 shooting day (1-11 from three!) stands out, and not in a good way. He did have 7 boards, making it almost tolerable. There's a real question about whether he or Thaddeus Young had a worse day, with Young building a mansion with his 4-16 shooting.