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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Philadelphia 76ers preview -- Game 41

The Big Picture: Tonight's matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers might be the Bobcats' easiest game until February 11, when they face the Nets at home, so let's hope they make this one count. Sure, the Cats have surprised the Bulls twice in the span of six days -- and that's unequivocally good! -- but it's a brutal schedule for the next month, until the All Star break. They have 16 games until then. If they go 6-10 in that stretch, consider it a minor victory; anything better than that would be gravy.

But it's got to start tonight, against a fairly equal team, at home.

Musical Interlude: Adam Sandler & Elmo -- "A Song About Elmo"

Key to Victory: Last time Charlotte played Philly (wasn't that, like, yesterday?), Boris Diaw went nova for a triple-double, which kept the Cats in the game, despite Stephen Jackson's 7-24 for 15 points. Believe me when I say I like Jack, but dude has to reduce his shots if the Bobcats are going to get better. Maybe he should remain the primary scoring option, but he just can't take a Kobe-level volume of shots and expect the same results.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: If you're going to the game tonight, which I am, you should know that local YMCAs were handing out vouchers to children in their youth sports programs. Expect lots of short, energetic people in the stands and concourses tonight.