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Tyrus Thomas could miss 8 weeks -- Bobcats defeat 76ers, 100-97

First, the biggest news of the night: Tyrus Thomas could miss 8 weeks with a lateral meniscus tear in his knee. Not only did the injury affect the Bobcats immediately, but it will have a major effect on their fortunes as long as he's out.

The Cats got a remarkable first half scoring display from D.J. Augustin, and then held on to finish off the Philadelphia 76ers, winning 100-97. Augustin scored 25 points in the first half on 10-11 shooting, but only ended up with 31 total. The game remained close because his teammates weren't particularly dynamic outside of Nazr Mohammed, and they had no answer for Andre Iguodala or Thaddeus Young. But Augustin's huge first half and some timely jumpers from Gerald Henderson in crunch time were enough to win.

Game thread comment, lowlights, and highlights coming in a later post. Your immediate reactions to the Tyrus news and this game are welcome in the comments.