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Bobcats top Kings, 94-89 -- Kwame Brown with 18 rebounds

In an overly sloppy game, the Bobcats jumped out to a double-digit lead in the first half and held on to beat the Sacramento Kings, 94-89.

Charlotte won with superior defense, holding Sacramento to only 36% shooting from the field, and 1-12, 8%, from three. Really, the only reason the Kings kept the score within range was their excellent offensive rebounding, grabbing 16 offensive boards to the Cats' 11.

Individually, Kwame Brown probably had the most impressive line, scoring 13 points on 10 attempts, and pulling down 18 rebounds. Note that Kwame has played 30+ minutes only five times this season (and once played 29:57), yet he's also had five games with double-digit rebound totals. Among the others, Stephen Jackson deserves mention for changing up his style and exercising some welcome restraint in the first half before kicking up his volume in the second, scoring 21 points on "only" 15 attempts at game's end. Also of note, D.J. Augustin somehow played 36 fairly effective minutes with only 2 assists.

Separate from the players, but nonetheless a major part of the game, was the referees' performance. They didn't favor either side, that I saw, but they certainly called far more fouls than usual, and if they didn't actually call more fouls, they seemed to somehow call fouls that totally ruined the game's flow. I'm always reticent to bring up officiating, but this was the first time we've seen the refs so clearly affect the game -- start to finish, unlike the Bulls game -- and it was so noticeable it had to be said. Rough game for the refs. Here's hoping they get back on it next time out.

It's late. Thank you for making the game threads so fun. Give us your comments about the game, and we'll see you tomorrow night for the game at Phoenix.