Bobcats' next step: Finding a star to take spotlight off MJ


After seven years in existence, the Bobcats still haven't come close to filling those Air Jordans. Armed with high picks, they've come up mostly empty from the Draft; D.J. Augustin and Gerald Henderson are the only Charlotte picks still on the roster. Failing to find a savior through the Draft has been a major fallacy for a team that isn't considered a prime destination for free agents, and a team that lacks prime trade assets. For teams like the Bobcats, building through the Draft is the best way to find a star. But, look: Emeka Okafor fell to them in 2004, not Dwight Howard. Jordan whiffed on Adam Morrison in a weak '06 Draft. And in the subsequent drafts, the Bobcats were always choosing one spot below the cutoff point for quality. This was posted yesterday morning before the Warriors game but still...May i say Boo and get your head out your ass.