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Bobcats at Clippers Open Gameday Thread; also, how the NBA All Star fantasy draft would go down

TV: SportSouth

Bobcats record: 20-25

SBN Clippers blog: Clips Nation

10:30pm start again, folks.

Pre-game conversation starter: Is it merely a great idea, or the greatest NBA All Star Game idea to have two captains pick the teams, like the NHL just did? I figure you get two elder statesmen who play the same position and are starting to pick the teams, say, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade, and go from there. So, how would their picks go? I see it going down this way, with Kobe picking first.

These aren't who I think should be All Stars, or how I'd pick them, but who I think will be named All Stars and in the order I think Bryant and Wade would pick them.

KB: LeBron

DW: Howard

KB: Gasol

DW: Durant


DW: Garnett

KB: Dirk

DW: Carmelo

KB: Griffin

DW: Bosh

KB: Rose

DW: Rondo

KB: Manu

DW: Amare'

KB: Duncan

DW: Westbrook

KB: Horford

DW: Pierce

KB: Jesus Shuttlesworth

DW: Joe Johnson

KB: Love

DW: Deron Williams