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Links. To NBA stuff. And Lockout stuff.


Think they could help?

Gerald Henderson finds someone he thinks can help with the lockout.

Rating the NBA 2K12 Leaked Jerseys (Heat, Grizzlies, Jazz, Kings, Bobcats, 76ers, Raptors, and Nets) - Welcome to Loud City
Whether or not all of these jerseys are legit, I'll believe it when I see it. The Bobcats have an alternate Carolina Cougars throwback, which I think would be cool.

Loving The NBA Lockout? 100 Reasons The 2011 Season Would've Been Fantastic


67. Remember this interview with Bismack Biyombo? On his favorite players:

Hakeem Olajuwon, this is my favorite player. But there are two others I idolize in the way they play the game. Kevin Garnett - I like the way he wants to win every game. Every time he's on the floor, he plays intense and plays hard. When he's not on the floor, you can see the team missing him. On the other hand is Kevin Love. Some of the time people say, "You're crazy man. Why you're taking about Kevin Love? The reason why I say Kevin Love is that I love him, I love the way he plays the game. He's smart; he knows where to be to get the rebound. He's the best guy at grabbing the rebound over anyone.

Not sure whether the Bobcats will be watchable this year, but God knows they'll be bloggable. And the reason that's my favorite interview answer ever is because it's my favorite.

Bobcats Stuff:

Carroll: 'Everybody had hope' | Charlotte Observer
Charlotte Bobcats guard Matt Carroll fully expected a deal Monday that would have avoided canceling any of the NBA season. And now?

What the Bobcats should do when the lockout ends | ProBasketballTalk
This is the latest installment of PBT’s series of "What your team should do when the lockout ends." Up next is the Charlotte Bobcats. You can also check out our thoughts on other NBA teams here as we work our way through all 30 squads.

In time of need, Jordan silent in labor talks - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Michael Jordan's unique perspective could bring players and owners together as the NBA lockout rolls on. - National Basketball Association news

Lockout Stuff:

Mediation is a good start, but how about a clue for both sides? - NBA - Basketball
Now the government has to get involved in this NBA labor fight because both sides don't seem serious about making a deal. And the fans? The 'common people?' Ken Berger says they get the shaft, as always.

'Road' to NBA labor deal hits unnecessary speed bump - NBA - Basketball
Weeks ago, the NBA and players were 'on the road' to a deal. Now? The only thing we're 'on the road' to is the road to more double-talk, says Ken Berger, who raises some interesting lockout questions.