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I need your help. (UPDATE)

(UPDATE: due to some artificial voting, the scholarship people have retooled the voting system and reset everyone's votes back to zero. Further, you can now vote once a day! Please vote again and often! Here is the link:

Hey everyone!

I write to you today asking for your help.

We may not share the same opinions on Boris Diaw or Gerald Henderson or Michael Jordan, but I hope you can put all that aside to assist me for a quick second.

I submitted an entry for a blogging scholarship and now need votes from anyone to help push me towards the $10,000 award. To vote, all you need to do is click the circle next to my name (Ben Swanson) and then click the vote button. I'm sure my parents would thank every last one of you in person if they could if you took the few seconds out of your day to help. I would be eternally grateful as well, considering working 30 hours per week at the local grocery store puts quite the burden on my schedule.

Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who indeed votes, and to those who put up with my vote-begging as well.


(EDIT: voting ends at noon PST, Nov 30)