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Charlotte Bobcats at Orlando Magic preview -- Game -1

Welcome to the Bobcats opening night for the 2011-2012 season! I'm so glad it's finally here!

First off, mad props to the NBA owners and David Stern and his pals, as well as the NBPA and Billy Hunter, for understanding the ENORMOUS CONSEQUENCES of what missing games could entail and making compromises in a timely fashion to ensure the season can at least start on time. Well done, chums!

Today's Tunes: "Cruel" - St. Vincent

Overview: The offseason, outside of its nonstop lockout updates, had its fair share of 'Dwight Howard leaving Orlando?' news. As they continue to try to entice him to stay, the Magic are redesigning the painted areas with Ed Hardy. But he's still here for now, which is good for Orlando! But it's bad for the Bobcats, considering we have someone who isn't Dwight Howard. But the Bobcats will come with double-teams and fouls to try to limit his production, at which point it will be instrumental for the Magic's supporting cast to step up. Hedo Turkoglu will probably do something ridiculous and then something stupid in quick succession. Because he's Hedo Turkoglu. Ball. Stan Van Gundy will yell and pirouette after upsetting calls or watching whatever it is Gilbert Arenas will do. And who knows what Gilbert Arenas may do. Too much of whatever it is, probably.

As for the Bobcats, look for Boris Diaw DeSagana Diop Matt Carroll Eduardo Najera Corey Maggette to take the brunt of the scoring load. Boris Diaw should try to be aggressive but won't be, so Paul Silas will probably bench him. But Paul will smile all the way through it. As will Bobcats fans. The Bobcats' success in tonight's game will revolve around ball movement. I suggest they move the ball to wherever Dwight Howard isn't. Piece of cake!

Matchup of the Night: Gerald Henderson vs. Quentin RichardsonQ Rich drew first blood by mushing Henderson in the face last season.

Basketball can be a convoluted game to analyze. Who won the rebounding battle? Which team limited their own turnovers? How did Team X get their shots? But we should never forget that the game is far less confusing.

It really just comes down to who mushes who.

Key to Victory: Kemba Walker. Please drop a zillion points tonight. Lawd knows we'll need it.

Meme-y Thing About The Opponent: PATRICK EWING LOVES POPCORN