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Some Charlotte Bobcats Reminders Heading into Free Agency

Well here we go.

The shortened 66-game season may be slated to start on December 25, but free agency and training camp are set to begin December 9. Talk about a short turnaround.

Here are some notes about the team to keep in mind going forward in the next few weeks:

  • DeSagana Diop is the only center under contract currently. If he becomes the Bobcats' casualty due to the amnesty clause, the Bobcats will have no centers under contract.
  • Bismack Biyombo still needs to get his difficult contract situation straightened out if he is indeed to play for the Bobcats this season.
  • Assuming the Bobcats release Diop under amnesty, sign both rookies and the salary cap remains about where it is, the team will have about $14 million.
  • The team's major personnel hole is at center, and will need to sign at least one, if not two if Diop is gone. Kwame Brown will certainly be a target. I expect him to re-sign with Charlotte, but who knows what other teams may offer to him.
  • The roster is broken up like so if rookies are signed and Diop is released: 

PG - 2 (Augustin/Walker), SG - 2 (Henderson/Carroll), SF - 2 (Maggette/Cunningham), PF - 4/5 (Diaw/Thomas/White/Najera//Biyombo), C - 0/1 (Biyombo/no one) [total: 11]

  • Boris Diaw and Eduardo Najera have expiring contracts.
  • Dante Cunningham was offered a qualifying offer before the lockout began.
  • The team desperately needs scoring if they want to compete. The best options of these if the Bobcats truly are focused on the future and a youth movement would be: Marcus Thornton, Arron Afflalo, Nick Young.
  • The Bobcats have also stated that they're looking for a third point guard, preferably a defensive-minded, taller guard. There's not really a whole lot of those out there. Maybe the D-League.

A lot of work to be done. This is going to be INCREDIBLY exciting. There will be utter chaos as teams race to sign not only the elite free agents in time to get them to training camp as soon as possible, but any free agents. Then there are the players to be amnestied and the players that will probably be traded.