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Poop meets fan, MJ backlash begins


Welp, howdy ho, neighborinos.

I've got some good news and I've got some bad news.

Just kidding! I've only got bad news.

1) The NBA has given the NBPA an ultimatum to agree to their latest BRI proposal or else they're not going to offer the players anything above 47 percent. That meeting is on Wednesday. And so the threat of decertification by the players looms larger, which would probably mean the end of the season considering how long it takes for things to happen in court. FAREWELL, NBA. 

2) After it was revealed that Bobcats owner Michael Jordan was leading a faction of hardline owners in negotiations that refuse to agree to going over 50 percent BRI offered to the players, an anonymous agent says he's never going to allow his players to sign with Jordan ever again. I'm sure the Bobcats didn't want them anyway, right? RIGHT?

Oh, and NBA superstar/fashion icon/trendsetter Nick Young is boycotting Jordans.